ICOPE Logo International Conference on Power Engineering - 2023
    “Nuclear, thermal, and renewables: United to provide carbon neutral power”
    May 21-26, 2023. Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan

Scope and Topics

ICOPE will cover both fundamental and applied topics in power engineering, including:

0. Carbon Neutral Power Systems for Future World(ICOPE-ICONE Shared Track)
Energy storage technologies for power grid, P2X, energy carrier, power grid management, power grid system analysis, demand response
1. Centralized Power Generation Systems
All advanced cycles such as A-USC, MACC, Triple Combined Cycle, IGCC, IGFC, Allam Cycle, Hybrid Cycle
2. Distributed Energy Systems
Combined Heat and Power (Co-generation system), Fuel Cells, Internal/External Combustion Engines, Organic Rankine Cycle, Smart Grid, Microgrid, Heat Pump Systems, Waste Heat Recovery
3. Renewable Energy
Geothermal Energy, Wind Turbines, Tidal Power Generation, Solar Power
4. Hydrogen Energy Technologies
Hydrogen Production, Transportation and Utilization System, Fuel Cell for Automobile
5. Turbines and Generators
Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Hydraulic Turbines and Generators
6. Advanced Combustion Technologies
All Combustion technologies, Slag Management, Oxy-fuel Combustion
7. Thermal Hydraulics, Boiling and Condensation
CFD, Experimental Techniques
8. Materials Engineering for Energy Systems
New Metal Alloys for Boilers, Materials for Turbine Blades and Governor Valves
9. Operation, Maintenance and Diagnosis Technologies
Non-destructive Inspection, Measurement Techniques, Robotics, IoT-AI
10.Power Grid Stabilization Technologies
Energy Storage, Demand Response, Load Following and Leveling
11.Environmental Protection
Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Gas and Water Aftertreatment, Waste to Energy
12.Techno-Socio-Economic Aspect of Energy System
Techno-Economic Analysis, Safety and Security, Regulations and Standards
13.Other Topics
Other Topics Related to Power Engineering